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Tools  >  Information, Research & Inspiration
> Online Travel Diary
Travel Blog is a unique travel diary for travelers across the world. In addition, photos can be added to the blog when desired.
> Virtual Tourist
Virtual Tourist is a worldwide travel community where real travelers and locals share real travel advice and experience. Real travel tips, reviews, and photos from real people who have actually been there and done that.
> Travel Pod
It is a service which lets you share your travels using your own online travelogue. You can post travelogues from previous trips or use Travel Pod to host angoing travelogues which you can update while you travel.
> Trip Source
It is a vast collection of travel stories, travel photos, and travel quotations for the benefit of all who use the Internet.
> Travel Resource for Independent Travelers
You can research the best places to visit with their world travel guides and information. Discover the best nightlife with their world index. In addition, you can read their ever expanding selection of travelogues and travel stories from their community of travelers. You also can find a bed on a budget with their hostel listings covering 149 countries worldwide,
> Real Travel
They believe that travel information is about more than price and star ratings - it is about the whole experience. You want information on the people, the culture, how to get around, how to avoid problems, as well as suggestions for itineraries, accommodations, dining, and things to do.
> Online Travel Magazine
This site is an online travel magazine featuring some of the web's best travel writing and photography from more than 30 well-traveled contributors. More than 15,000 unique visitors a month visit the site. Come to this travel blog because you want to read quality writing that evokes a place, its sights, sounds, and culture.
> Travel Dispatches from a Shrinking Planet
World Hum is dedicated to exploring travel in all its facets; how it changes us, how it changes the way we see the world, and finally, how travel itself is changing the world. Travel is a state of mind.
> Online Travel Magazine
They are an online full-feature magazine that focuses entirely on international travel. Google recently named them as one of seven globally-trusted travel contributors in their co-op destination guide technology.
> Travel Classics
Their purpose is to preserve and celebrate the best writing about the best places on earth. They accomplish this by collecting classic stories, inspiring new works, and encouraging writers to give their best.
> Travel Writers
A community of 10,000+ professional travel writers, is based on a simple principle: to connect top-tier travel writers with editors, public relations agencies, tourism professionals, convention & visitors bureaus, and tour operators, nuturing the important link that so heavily influence the travel media.
> Web's Favorite Travel Writer
This site includes over 470 pages of travel and advice from 17 countries, plus 6 continents along with 1,400 photographs.
> BootsnAll
This site might just be the ultimate travel blog for the independent traveler! It probably covers most of your travel interests and questions. It is a favorite source of information for the Travel Answer Man.
> Urban Travel Guide
They are a self-proclaimed urban travel guide pointing out the more challenging aspects of life in big cities across the globe.
> Hotel Reviews from around the World
This site is an uncensored compendium of hotel reviews from all over the world.
> Journals About Recent Trips
Browse this site when your next holiday is in the prenatal stage and you are seeking inspiration. The journals are about recent trips.
> My Trip Journal
This site allows you to create your own travel website, plot your journey on maps with the IntelliMap System, store and display your photos, stories and experiences, post Internet movie clips, exchange messages with friends and family, and much more.
> Geeky Traveler
This website is dedicated to the places geeks go, the things they do when they get there, and the gadgets they pla with along the way. The site features hotel reviews, gadget reports, and nerdy travel stories.
> Travel Guide for Your Finances
This site keeps you current on technological exploits that can comprise your financial data and privacy, relevant breaking news, financial services that cater to people who access their finances online, and information on the newest and most trendy hardware and software items to make your online financial management as smooth and speedy as you are.
> The Traveler's Weblog
One of the most comprehensive travelers' weblog on the Internet. All travel bloggers should be completely satisfied due to the variety and frequency of domestic and international topics.
> Rolf Potts' Vagabonding
This site includes travel stories, journals, blogging, tips for your travel, interviews, travel book recommendations, and much more.
> Travel Publishing World
This site is best described as a virtual caf‚ with an international membership. There are practical discussions of market leads, author events, marketing tactics, travel books, a writer's philosophical quandries, and more.
> Resource for Vacation Rentals
Slow Travel is an online community and a resource for finding vacation rentals. They also run a vacation board where Slow Travelers exchange information (, a photo gallery where they collect travel pictures (, and the website where we collect travel information and vacation rental and restaurant reviews submitted by members of the community (
> Top Blog Travel Sites
These sites represent some of the most frequented travel blogs on a daily basis.
> Current Traveler Information
This site features discussions and chat boards that covers the most up-to-the-date travel information. Its favorite topic is frequent flyer miles.
> Australian Travel Blogs
This service has been specifically developed for communications between travelers to and within Australia.
> A Luxury Travel Blog
This site focuses on the finer aspects of travel and serves as a gateway for the discerning travelers, providing information on the most luxurious hotels and resorts, the finest restaurants, and news from within the luxury travel industry.
> Aviation & Travel Industry News
They provide a daily update of relevant aviation and travel news on an international level.
> Wanda Lust
Wanda Lust is a daily United Kingdom travel blog bringing you the very best in travel and destination information from around the world.
> Eye for Travel
This site is a comprehensive location for travel distribution news, events, and analysis.
> Commentary on Online Travel & Tourism
This site is a consulting service for the travel and tourism industry, with a special focus on strategy, marketing, and ecommerce for destination marketing organization.
> National Parks Traveler
This site will keep you abreast of life in the United States national parks.
> Travel Mole
They are the most highly acclaimed and largest global online community for the travel and tourism industry with over 450,000 registered travel and tourism professionals worldwide.
> Carpe Diem
This is an outstanding blog for those intersted in a closer look at concerning events revolving around economics and finance. It always remains very current and relavent in regards to the world we live in.
> Friends of the American Revolution
This is a blog site regarding American history.
> Couch Surfing
This is a global network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit.
> Over a Bottle
This webswite is about sharing life in Italy and Europe.
> Cartan Reunion 2009
The greatest group of friends you could ever meet! The beginning years of the Travel Answer Man...where it all started...Hawaii...Canadian Rockies...Rose Bowl...Western USA...ALOHA!
> Thorn Tree Travel Forum
A great travel community to get together and exchange travel information, advice, hints, tips plus get connected and be inspired.
> Conservation International
This organization helps visitors travel responsibly and encourages them to protect the wildlife they are visiting along with contributing to the well being of local communities.
> So Go Now
This is an online magazine providing travelers with vacation ideas through articles, commentaries and news on worldwide destinations.
> Real Travel Adventures
This is a wonderful site to engage past traveling experiences.
> Culture Crossing
A community built guide to cross cultural etiquette and understanding.
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