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Tools  >  Information, Research & Inspiration
> High Beam Research
They have an extensive archive of more than 35 million documents from over 3,000 sources.
> Information Please
They provide authoritative answers to all kinds of factual questions.
They are a leading provider of language reference products and services on the Internet.
> How Stuff Works
They are a leading source of explanations of how the world works.
> Learn the Net
This is a basic online Internet owner's manual.
> Videos for Travelers
This website offers an extensive travel video collection.
> Free Airlplane Videos
You can now enjoy the sights and sounds of a wide variety of aircraft on video including commercial and military planes.
> Personal Travel Videos
This website represents a large collection of personal travel videos from throughout the world.
> Hotel Video Guide
This website offers a wide variety of hotel properties from throughout the world. A great way to help in the accommodation selection process.
> Travel Video Clips
Allow this video website to be your transport and allow you to visit the world.
> Emergency Storable Foods
A great place to purchase dried foods and support items in case of a future emergency or disaster.
> Monex
This site provides the daily market report for precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They have been in the coin and bullion trading business for more than 40 years.
> Nation Master
This is a website representing a massive central database and has been designed as a handy way to graphically compare nations. It can also be used as a tool to better understand future world events.
> Lifehack
This website provides helpful daily tips for successful living.
> Intrade the Prediction Market
This website allows the public to make their own prediction regarding future business and political events. A fascinating use of public participation through the collection of data.
> Country Watch
They provide critical country specific intelligence and data through their suite of products to over 4000 clients.
> International Living
Helping people live, travel, and prosper overseas! It might just make you want to get up and go for it today.
> Escape Artist
Live where you want to live! Live how you want to live! Make money doing it!
> Money Under Thirty
Personal financial information for the young and ambitious. A wealth of outstanding tips and good advice.
> Flyer Talk
This is an interactive community that provides up to date information on travel related loyality reward programs.
> Craigs List
The ultimate site in the world for listing or advertising just about anything.
> Walletpop
A great website for you daily financial questions.
> State and Local Government on the Net
This website represents a directory of official state, county, and city government websites.
> Earth Class Mail
This company delivers postal mail online, where people can manage it anywhere in the world instantly! You will never again be restricted or controlled by old fashion mail delivery or having to rely on your neighbors to pick up your mail when you are away...a great concept!
> Webster Online Dictionary
The largest dictionary in the world with 90 modern and 10 ancestral languages.
> Rulers of the World
This site contains lists of heads of state of government of all countries and territories in the world.
> Trulia Real Estate Website
This is an all in one real estate website that is packed with the most useful and timely information on homes for sale, neighborhoods, markets and the trends to help you figure out exactly what, where, and when to buy. You can also receive advice and opinions from local experts on Trulia Voices, your online real estate community. Take advantage of this helpful and very unique tool today!
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