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> The Best Trips Start Here
This site is an essential online destination for those planning the perfect travel excursion. Their collection of travel products has expanded to include over 300 guidebooks.
> Fodor's
Fodor's Travel Publications launched Fodor' in 1996. It supplements content from Fodor's guidebooks with up to the minute travel advice; use ratings of thousands of sites, hotels and restaurants; and lively discussion forums, where travelers exchange information and ideas.
> Books That Cover the Planet
They publish over 600 titles in English and cover every corner of the planet. Their guidebooks are also published in numerous other languages.
> Footprint Travel Guides
They offer 80 travel guides on hundreds of destinations in the world.
> Dorling & Kindersley
With expanded hotel and restaurant listings, better maps, and enhanced itineraries, the most trusted name in travel just keeps getting better. Their books have revolutionized the industry and set a new standard in travel publishing.
> Rough Guides
They publish travel guides to more than 200 worldwide destinations, dictionary phrasebooks in 22 major languages, history guides to numerous countries, maps printed on rip-proof and waterproof Polyart paper, restaurant guides to London, New York, and San Francisco, reference books on topics as diverse as the weather and Shakespeare, and sports guides.
> Books, Guides, Maps
They were the first travel-only bookstore in the country. They offer a great selection of travel related books, travel guides, and maps.
> Rick Steeves' Europe
For 30 years Rick Steves has taught smart European travel. This website - like his guidebooks, TV series, and radio program - is dedicated to exactly that.
> Travel on the Cheap
Entirely researched and written by young adults for their peers, Let's Go is a travel guide series that accompanies the free spirited on treks across the globe. They produce close to 50 titles that cover six continents.
> Geographical Bookstore
They are a bookstore organized geographically. They have expert books and map reccommendations, featuring hard-to-find maps, field guides, classic accounts of exploration, travel narratives, books on art & archaeology, novels, essays and well-written academic books.
> Amazon
The most recognized online bookseller in the world.
> From Antarctica to Zanzibar
They have been informing, enlightening, advising - and even astounding - travelers who want to explore new places. From the seriously offbeat to popular tourist locations, their guides are written with knowledge, sensitivity, and understanding. They currently publish guides to more than 100 destinations.
> Books & Maps for the Traveler
They carry one of North America's largest selection of books and maps for the traveler. They were the first American book & map store on the web. They provide a full range of travel and outdoor recreation reference materials for a destination: guidebooks, maps, atlases, recreation guides, travel literature, nature guides, photography books, cookbooks, and language products.
> Moon Handbooks
For more than 30 years, the Moon Handbooks has appealed to an eclectic group of travelers, from backpacking students to solo adventurers to families on vacation (and a budget). They cover more than 100 destinations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, Asia, and the Pacific.
> Knopf Map Guides
They are the most beautiful, portable, and practical paperback map guides available today.
> Michelin Books & Maps
The services which are offered include displaying maps and locating places on them, route planning, finding hotels and restaurants, tourist sights, traffic and weather information, etc. Via Michelin also provides exclusive mapping to over 42 European countries, from national road maps to detailed town plans. They also highlight about 18,000 tourist locations and 62,000 hotels and restaurants, as listed and recommended by the Michelin Guide inspectors throughout Europe.
> Alaska and Beyond
This is the finest trip planner and travel guide to the highways, roads, ferries, lodgings, recreation, sightseeing attractions, and services along the Alaska Highway to and within Alaska, including Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories and the Yukon.
> Karen Brown's Guides
Savvy travelers have come to depend on Karen Brown's reccommendations. Her guidebooks now include 17 titles covering Western Europe, the United States, and Mexico. The accommodations include mills, castles, pubs, inns, farms, houses, chateaux, villas, cottages, palaces, hotels; from the simplest to the most divinely luxurious.
> National Geographic
They have been a trusted name in travel for many years. Their list of products include atlases, references, adventure & exploration, animals & nature, culture, history, photography, science & space, travel guides, kids books, and much more.
> Global Electronic Resources
This site represents most countries in the world and contains selective links about our global community.
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